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Lloyd The Dog

Lloyd update and more Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lloyd update and more

Lloyd sounding off this morning


Lloyd the Dog is doing well. The diet and supplements seem to be agreeing with him. He's having fun. bringing joy and being more loving and endearing than ever. Each moment is treasured. I'm calling him "Miracle Dog" in hopes that he grows into the title. Karen us spending most of her spare time studying any and everything that might help. Today is normal. Lloyd is lying a few feet away, waiting for me to arise from my chair to play with him.

That moth was a Luna Moth, identified first by Charlie Ray and then several others. It's only five and ahaf inches but it seems a lot bigger at 3 AM.

I have been having trouble with my net connection (Hughesnet is the culprit.)  It's often so slow that it takes me forever to get something posted. If there are typos (and there always are) it can take hours to get them fixed. I have also learned that my website software will only let me post two pictures per post, even though it says I can post five. All this is meant as an apology/warning for past and future butchery in this space.

OK, Lloyd, get the ball!