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Lloyd The Dog

Happy Birthday Lloyd! Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Lloyd

The Birthday Boy

Lloyd the Dog is nine years old today. The last few days he was eight were spectacular. He has been running, playing and reminding the local creatures of our property limits. He is living with verve and gusto. It's almost like he thinks he's in a beer commercial.

He does wear down and get tired but his vet was very impressed when I reported the extent of his activities to her. So his ninth birthday is an anniversary of hope, joy and love.

Lloyd has several presents coming. He has always loved dog toys. I have only had one other dog, a sweety named Fluke (BEFORE that movie), who had any interest in them. Lloyd knows if you have one in a bag full of other items from a store. When he gets a new toy it becomes his favorite for weeks until it's mixed in with the general population. A few times a year Lloyd allows us to edit his collection so that dogs at the ASPCA can have something to play with.

Last night we gave Lloyd an early present. A squeeky buffalo. As ever, he responded with elation. Happiness means more endorphins, endorphins fight cancer. This could be good news for the pet toy industry.

In other news.... the Bush Administration has chosen now, of all times, to reward the mining indutry with a virtual perpetual green light to continue its assault on or environment with mountain top removal mining. There's plenty more to say about this outrage but first Lloyd and I have a mountaintop to traverse... while it's still here.