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Lloyd The Dog

Lloyd- A source of joy Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lloyd- A source of joy

Kevin and Lloyd fight over an extremely rare and valuable stick -- Below - a great shot of Lloyd's beautiful brown eyes

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Yesterday I mowed the lawn, all except for one spot where Lloyd dropped the last tennis ball he ever retrieved. It has been a very difficult five days. Karen and I are bereft. As the shock begins to lift, the reality is too awful and sad to accept.

Larry Craig provided an easy target for a few days. Normally I'd have just written a few jokes and then something about how it's just the zillionth case of a reactionary projecting his self-loathing on the rest of the world and left it at that. But fish in barrels are about right since I'm not up for anything much more challenging.

We have received condolences from a many sweet people. Thanks so much for all the kindness. Our friends Kevin and Pegge Bochynski met Lloyd during a visit and sent a note and some photos of Lloyd. Today's pictures are from them. I am also including the lovely words they sent.

Dear Barry and Karen,
E-mail doesn't seem like the right way to express our sympathy but we didn't want to delay in letting you know how saddened we are by the news of Lloyd's passing.

From the time that Lloyd came into your life, we knew there was something
special about him. It's one thing for someone to think that they have the
greatest dog in the world, but when everybody who gets to know him thinks so
too, then it is an inborn gift. The bond the three of you shared was always
a source of joy for us, too. So Lloyd's gift went far beyond his home turf.

After we visited you, the most popular of our photos were the ones
we took of Lloyd. Everyone commented on his beauty, and we added that it was
more than skin deep. Your eloquent and moving essays on Lloyd during his
illness and now his passing have captured his beautiful spirit. Lloyd felt
the same way about you both and expressed his love in so many of the ways
that you put into words for him. Thank you for sharing those thoughts with

Kevin and Pegge