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For their own good... Tuesday, October 2, 2007

For their own good...

Whether land, sea or air, they must be defeated!

It's for their own good and other rationalizations

I got up and started writing a treatise on why we should shut down this country if Bush even slightly amplifies his saber rattling toward Iran. And then the puppies began howling. Just like that, the largest engagement of the Battle of Lloyd's Lair was joined.

Major ground has been gained recently, particularly by Karen, who up until the last few days had been sized up for duty as a doormat by Letty and Lu. Karen's advances presaged an uprising against me. This affront could not stand so I am spending the morning gently and firmly laying down the law... in concrete. Order is coming to the little darlings' lives. They're beginning to understand that neither of them will ever rise to the rank of pack leader. As my old friend Steve Sweeney says, "The beauty of defeat is it's so darned relaxing. The race is over and you lost."

I must remain vigilant about making sure the puppies remain in a state of post-race relaxation. Should I complete this task and still maintain any sort of brain function, I may post something else later today. If not, this is for your own good, too. Because in the long run the subordination of these two sweethearts will result in new and better content on this website. I will carry you all in my hearts as I forge onward to victory. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.
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