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Lloyd The Dog

Dog snarl Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dog snarl
Lettie and Lu are fine when confined to a chain (or tethered leash)-- providing of course you watch them more carefully than you would if they were running around free. And, providing you don't restrain them anywhere near anything that they might get tangled on -- like a picnic table, it takes them entire moments to find a way to get hopelessly tangled up.  

If you don't know the girls, that's Lettie on the ground and (It's Always) Lu up on the table.  Unfortunately, before Lu could be extricated there was some loss of floral life. Some pottery was also harmed during the aftermath of the making of this photo.

Exciting Development

Speaking of photos... I have received some outstanding shots of labor strife and war protest from Barb in Motown and there are several other promises of  more pictures from people all over the place.

Stormy weather is looming so I've got to get some stuff done outside before the skies open. More anon.  BC
crimmins 993

crimmins 993