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Lloyd The Dog

It's ALWAYS Lu Sunday, April 27, 2008

This morning the pups and I took an extended hike through the forest. Along the way we met a porcupine. Actually, Lu met the porcupine, Lettie and I only watched this historic encounter unfold. The way Lu was snorting around I feared she had found a rattlesnake. Thank heaven for small favors.

As if our failed negotiations with the porcupine weren't enough, we also met a bear. Lettie and Lu barked at the bear, I yelled at Lettie and Lu. The bear, perhaps scared of the 23 barbs protruding from Lu's snout, beat a hasty retreat -- not in my direction. Ibid on the thank heaven deal.

I guess I should be grateful that we are all still OK, except for Lu, who is in some discomfort. Prior to our adventurous walk, I had a post nearly completed but Lu and I have to go to the vet because I've already lost in the single quillimination tournament.

I vow not to write again until every quill is removed from Lu's nose.

UPDATE--  Mon eve 6 p.m. EDT: Back from the vet. Lu got sedated and had the quills removed. She's groggy but will be fine. She has a bottle of antibiotics - Lettie got a biscuit. In retrospect, the bear seems like the bigger deal. We'll try again in the morning. BC