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Lloyd The Dog

The Dog Ate My Website Friday, December 28, 2007

The Dog Ate My Website

(Above)The ruined power cord displayed on the box for its replacement.
(Below) Mugshot of 'It's Always' Lu

Really, she did! Now guess which dog.Hint: this isn't a trick question.So it's not Lettie the Dog.Because It's Always Lu the Dog.This morning I got up, got right to writing and was rolling. Pakistan, Iowa, the idiotic media, great links-- it was all there. It was taking shape nice shape. I got up to grab a cup of decaf around 7 AM. Lu struck. She chewed the power cord off my laptop in less than a minute. I was screwed. I had to find a new one. Quick research made it clear that my best chance was Rochester, an hour and a half away. I walked the dogs, ran an errand that needed morning-doing, came back  home, picked up the dogs and drove to Rochester (actually Victor, NY,) So I got to go to a mall a few days after Christmas. I NEVER go to malls at any time of the year but there I was, competing with bloodthirsty scum for parking spots (I always give up and park as far away as possible because I don't want to consume something so valuable that it causes people to wig out at total strangers in a country that is full of armed morons.) Once I parked and hiked to the shopping superstructure, good news was waiting-- all of our Valentines Day shopping needs are already in stock and on display! So if you think your relationship might last several more weeks, the time to run up more bills is now.Resisting the urge to buy hearts and flowers, I found the Apple Store, got the power supply, returned to the car and drove home. Even though we made a few exercise stops along the way, the dogs were absolutely surging with energy when we got back to Lloyd's Landing. I took them for a huge walk. We came in and they fell asleep. I got back to work but what was flowing at 6 AM was fighting me at 3 PM. I gamely pushed on. The pups woke up and started playing their favorite game. It involves yipping, nipping, howling, and slamming into my legs a dozen or so time per minute. Driven beyond distraction, I took them for another walk and then I hit them a bunch of tennis balls. We came in again, just in time for them to resume their yip, nip, howl and slam contest. I finally had to concede defeat.If there is anything relevant that can be salvaged from my ill-fated post I'll get it up here in the morning. If not, I may just chew the cord off this computer myself.
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