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Barry Crimmins

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Lloyd The Dog

Cold night, warm heart Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cold night, warm heart

Lloyd as a young adult (above) and as a puppy (below)

It's no degrees outside and when you factor in the sustained 30 to 40 mph sustained winds, the so-called 'real feel' is 39 below. But I just came in with Lettie and Lu and it didn't feel worse than -37. (For the record-- Lu likes going out on 'the face,' Lettie requires coaxing,)

The last time it was this cold, Lloyd and I were in the field across the street. A screaming wind caused white-out conditions. Lloyd headed further into the meadow and disappeared. He was always undaunted by weather but this was dangerous so I chased after him, yelling for him to come back. There was little cause for concern.I got well up into the field when, from off to my side, Lloyd charged toward me at full speed. Once he saw that I saw him, he banged a left and sprinted back down the meadow like Secretariat. When I got to the house Lloyd was lounging on his bed in front of the fire. Karen said he'd beenthere for five minutes. He wagged his tail at me as if I'd arrived from somewhere unrelated to him.

It was a classic Lloyd incident. He got the hell out of that weather, and pronto. But first he made sure he didn't leave me up there looking for him, blinded and frozen by the wind, snow and brutal temperature. He was that smart and he was that loyal. Once I was informed he was safely headed home, he wasn't about to travel back to warmth at my slow pace. And so, on this, the coldest night of the year, Lloyd still warms my heart and I miss him more than ever...
Cold night, warm heart