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Encouraging Development Monday, June 9, 2008

Encouraging Development
We have some new photos today! They are provided by our friend Uncle Buck and he took them in the great state of Maine. I was trying to get an essay done in time to get outside and get some work done before it got too hot but thanks to Uncle B. I can beat the heat and come back in and write in deluxe comfort provided by an electrical fan.

I hope Buck will provide some context for the photos in the comment section.

And there is some confusion about filedropper--  DO NOT join for money. Just use the free service if you want to send along photos. And considering how few photos I've gotten, why not just send them to me via e-mail? That's what Buck did and we all benefit from it.


Thanks Buck, this is just what we were looking for! My favorite is the motel that's being turned into a storage facility. Americans can no longer afford to live in buildings but that doesn't mean our piles of worthless junk should have to suffer!

And wow, they get to use tarps as doors in Maine. Around here we mostly use them for roofs.
crimmins 1009

But wait, look a few shots down. That house appears to have a duct tape roof!

Coming soon -- some great photos from my friend Barb in Detroit. And of course all of the rest of the pictures I know you'll be sending.

Barry, the day laborer
crimmins 1009

crimmins 1009

crimmins 1009