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The sunny side of the border Sunday, April 13, 2008

The sunny side of the border
A month or so ago it took a pasting of snow to sink my spirits, this morning a simple dusting did the trick. Fortunately I live a short drive from Pennsylvania, home of sunshine and optimism. So I decided to hop in the global-warming accelerator and head for the Keystone State.

Pennsylvania has it all over New York. Things are so stable down there, they even put the name of their governor on the sign at the border.
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news 766
They are so optimistic that they are willing to hold onto scrap metal until the Chinese really need it for their infrastructure.
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They believe so much in tomorrow that people save everything, right out in their yards, for that day when scrap plastic also becomes a precious commodity.
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Regardless of what elitist presidential candidates might tell ya, there isn't a drop of bitterness in a barrel in Pennsylvania!
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Continued in Part 2: Clinton Country