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Fading picture Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fading picture
OK Here's how many photos I've gotten from you folks so far: ZERO. ZIP. GOOSE EGG. NADA. ZILCH. NONE.

And thanks so much for the tremendous response. It's taught me a good lesson: humiliation can supplant optimism in nothing flat.

What happened to Web 2.0? Does interaction stop when getting off your ass begins?

I type my fingers to the bone around here trying to entertain and edify you people and lord knows, I don't ask for much in return. I did make one small request that you take some photos of deteriorating conditions in the United States and send them along so that we could compile a document of some significance. Your collective silence has been deafening and disappointing. Do you mean to tell me that the thousands of people who come to this site each day all live surrounded by boundless prosperity and unblemished environmental beauty? Considering the nature of this site, that's quite a surprising demographic turn of events.  It's also surprising because I know where some of you people live and unless there have been some remarkable reversals of late.... Buffalo, Cleveland and Detroit haven't exactly become Stay-cation hotspots.

So this is the last call on this one. You can either bitterly disappoint me or do yourself proud.


PS- Whatever you choose, I'll still love you anyway.

UPDATE: Thanks for the huge response. Thanks to Tom Duffy of  The Garlic planting this over on the Daily Kos. Thanks to the people who've already started sending me photos. And sorry I posted Sat and then disappeared. I have been buried in springtime chores here on the mountainside.

Also, if you don't have a digital camera, in particular because you can't afford such a luxury, please understand that my intent is to promote an awareness of poverty. The last thing I would ever want is for an impoverished person to feel denigrated or cut out of this. You don't need a camera for the comments section and I really would love to hear from you. Barry

UPDATE 2: OK, I originally asked that people use Flickr but Jim's suggestion of filedropper is great and has been met with general approval. So join filedropper and then post the url in the comments or email me bfcrim AT barrycrimmins DOT com and we'll get this thing going.

Thanks to all,