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Barry Crimmins

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political satirist Barry Crimmins

Crimmins scorches Bush -Cheney in Bonfire of the Inanities Thursday, December 29, 2005

Barry's annual year in review piece for the Boston Phoenix has recieved rave reviews from the most important critics of all, his readers. He's received hundreds of extremely generous remarks from people all over the world. So if you've written and haven't heard back, BC promises to respond just as soon as humanely possible.And while you have to go to the Boston Phoenix website for Barry's scathing and hilarious roundup of 2005,( which has also been run on The Smirking Chimp,  Truthout and countless other blogs and websites around the net) His Holiday Greeting to Bill O'Reilly, which was published as a sidebar to the  Phoenix piece.
Merry Solstice, Bill
At a time when the nation found itself distracted by frivolities such as an unjust and illegal war, torture scandals, congressional scandals, statewide scandals, energy prices plunging an icy dagger into the hearts of American families, the continued calamitous ramifications of Katrina, and a White House overrun by felons and even traitors, leave it to Bill OReilly to bring the focus back to an issue weve all been ducking for far too long: holiday salutations. And who better than OReilly to appoint himself as Jesus personal savior? Even if the FOX News host has things hed much rather be doing with a marital aid, his anus, his leprechaunic Irish penis, a speaker phone, a loofa, some falafel, and an unwilling employee, he found the time to speak up for the vast majority of Americans: the oft-overlooked Christians. Christians who had become much too lax with department-store employees godless use of phrases such as "Happy Holidays."OReilly saw through this Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, pagan, Wicca, agnostic, atheist plot and spearheaded a drive to forcibly put the phrase "Merry Christmas" back in the mouths of those who during the rest of the year sincerely urge us to "have a good one."By way of thanks, Id like to send along this special holiday greeting to Mr. OReilly: Go fuck yourself  you have the technology._BC

updated: 15 years ago