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political satirist Barry Crimmins

No Fooling Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No Fooling

Lu says "Happy Birthday, Martin!"

April brought with it 65 degree weather and a chance to finally take the dogs on a serious romp. They got sincerely filthy. I got a nice stretch of the legs and then the girls helped me do some yard work.

I did find time today to plan what I hope you will find to be a nice surprise. It will be coming in the next few days and will involve the distribution of something  for free to all who choose to accept. It is not a scheme to harvest demographic information from you. It's just an attempt to pass along something I hope you find to be of some value. This is not an April Fools gag. Just wait and see!

While you're waiting, why not visit my pal Martin Olson's swanky new website? Olson was the absolute cornerstone of Boston Comedy way back when and has gone on to perform the duty on a national  and international basis for the past few decades. He's a great writer, musical composer and performer, actor, director and producer. And he is a tremendous friend, without whom I may have never survived in this lousy racket.

And so if you see Martin Olson tomorrow (April 2) please wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He looks pretty damned good for a 78 year-old.