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Barry Crimmins

words to live near


political satirist Barry Crimmins

Job-less America! Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Lyrics modernized by Barry Crimmins
(you know the tune)

(Spoken Introduction)

Now the scum gathers high above the streets
To betray the working people it so loves to cheat,
Manipulating markets and looting pension plans.
Exporting our occupations to more exploitable lands

And now it's...

|: Job-less America, out on the street
We got put there, by humanity's butchers,
We were knifed by the riffraff in the suites

From our efforts, came their fortunes
with which they build the corporate throne
Job-less America! We've lost our homes!
Job-less America! We've got no homes!

2003 Barry Crimmins