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CrimQuips 12/12/02 Thursday, December 12, 2002

Commentary by Barry Crimmins

http://www.barrycrimmins.com   If the Republicans force Chester Trent Lott to resign as Senate Majority Leader, it will be because he betrayed the GOP by publicly endorsing racism when everyone knows that good Republicans only express racism through the use of code words like 'crime' and 'welfare.'

In other words, Lout's crime was not endorsing racism, his crime was tipping his hand.

Or, as the great Randy Credico says: They aren't upset with what he said, they are upset because he took off his hood to say it. What is saddest isn't the fact that Mississippi voted for the racist Strom Thurmond in the 1948 presidential election but that it re-elected the racist Trent Lout in 2000.

Lout has much at stake when the Supreme Court rules on the Constitutionality of Virginia's law making cross-burning illegal. Should it be upheld he'll have to find another way to illuminate his nighttime campaign rallies.

It is ten thousand times more likely that George W. Bush directed the 9/11 terror attacks than it is that Trent Lout is not a racist. And I am not saying it was likely that Bush directed the attacks. (I'd never suggest Bush directed the attacks-- not so long as Cheney is around. )

The only way Strom Thurmond could ever do anything of value for humanity would be if he permitted medical science to harvest the penicillin that grows on his forehead.

To again paraphrase the late, great Phil Ochs: Mississippi Senator Lout find yourself another country to be part of.

The expression on Lout's face said even more than his idiotic statement concerning "all these troubles" that he asserted could have been avoided had the USA elected Thurmond (Pterodactyl- S.C) president in 1948. Lout's remarks are just further proof that this country has become much too permissive towards fascists. They no longer feel even a mild compunction to remain discreet about even their most hideous views.

Let's hope that part of "all these troubles" that Lout so hates and were brought about by the civil rights movement get compounded when African-American voters register and turn out in record numbers to send Chester Trent Lout into retirement several decades sooner than Strom Thurmond.

It's too bad that Democrats don't get equally bold stating progressive views. But then, that would mean they possessed some.

How low we have sunk when dozens of legislators vote to permit a senseless massacre to take place at the whim of a court-appointed president because they are afraid to have their patriotism impugned? At the same time, a deep-fried racist feels absolutely no worries as he cavalierly states views that would bring a blush to Jefferson Davis's cheeks.

Those who don't study history are likely to believe the New York Times coverage of the "strike" by the Venezuelan oilagrachy is reliable.

John W. Snow, chairman of the CSX Corporation is the new Treasury Secretary but only because W couldn't convince Mr. Potter to leave Bedford Falls at the holidays. Bush figures if you can't pass the buck to the Treasury Secretary, what good is he? "As my mother used to say many years ago, it's time for all of us to pull up our socks," said William Donaldson, W's new chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. This is a euphemism for "Bend over and hold on, America!"

Donaldson was Undersecretary of State to Kissinger from '73 to '75. The Republicans certainly have had a lot of faulty political caskets foisted upon them. The damned things never seem to remain reliably sealed.

The question is: did Donaldson get the gig because of what he knows about securities and exchange or because of what he knows about Henry Kissinger? Actually that isn't fair, Donaldson didn't get the gig because he is a Kissinger toady, he got the gig because he is a Wall Street toady. He will go about investigating sordid market dealings with all the fervor with which Kissinger brings into possible Bush Administration 9/11 irresponsibility/responsibility.

War criminal emeritus Kissinger just wishes that people would stop asking pesky questions about his sordid international business connections so that he can get on with the task CAP Bush has assigned him: pinning 9/11 on the Clinton Administration.

It took years for Washington Post reports to result in Richard Nixon's resignation. I'm guessing that it may only take it a few days to start an entire war with its report of chemical-weapon smoking gun in Iraq.

Now that the Klan has backed off on its hatred of Catholics maybe Bernard Law and Trent Lout can take a permanent vacation together.


And finally...

What's worst about coverage of the shakeup of Bush's economic team is the way the corporate media uses it to matter-of-factly promote the falsehood that Bush is some sort of foreign policy genius. One commentator after the next says this move might help bring Bush's economic policies up to the same high standards as those of his foreign policy. And so they make it a given that his

  • failure keep his promise to deliver Osama bin Laden to justice
  • his brainless and heartless bloodlust that will kill tens of thousands of Iraqi innocents
  • the overwhelming (and wonderful) democratic victories of leftists in several major South American nations

•and the near universal disdain for all things America that has grown faster than kudzu in the court of world opinion

all mean nothing because some corporate media whores have deigned him a wily international operator. Yeah, right. **** To get the latest quips and essays sent to you, please click:

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