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Election Day '06 Thursday, January 4, 2007

Election Day 06
11:30 AM update
Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
11:15 update

Here is the only answer anyone should accept concerning the possible impeachment of George W. Bush: If he commits or we discover he has committed an impeachable offense, then imepeachment proceedings will be undertaken. Because under such circumstances we are contitutionally obliged to pursue them. We will neither undertake such proceedings frivously nor for venal political agendas but we shall undertake them if it becomes obvious that they are necessary for the good of the nation. For Democrats, Republicans or Independents to answer that question in any other way would be to violate the oath of office they will take as members of the 110th Congress.

10:30 AM

You have to give Republicans credit for being bold-- not when it comes to serving in battle at times of war or anything but when it comes to actually proving you can put words in any order and then stand there and act like they make sense.

For instance-- they keep asking why Democrats have no clear plan for resolving the war in Iraq. Of course they don't-- Iraq is he clusterfuck of clusterfucks. No matter what happens there will be a mess. best case scenariao we get out before everyone knows WE LOST THAT WAR THREE YEARS AGO. There is now a civil war that is being armed by George W. Bush. Those people that are standing up as we are standing down? They're standing up with guns Bush has handed out and they are shooting each other and they're shooting every American they can draw a bead on. And there is no solution to a nightmare like that that can fit on a bumper sticker or a soundbite.

So telling us that Democrats aren't fit to serve because they can't miraculously reverse nearly four years of horrific, immoral and boldly lunkheaded policies does not mean they aren't a better otion than the relentless shitheads who created the nightmare.

Next point-- it's simply hilarious how Republicans respond to exposure of their rabid rat's nest of corruption as presented in Democratic ads as if its proof of why the Dems are corrupt. Basically they're saying: "Democrats have known we are cheesier than a Vermont Farmer's Market for years now but for some reason they always seem to bring it up right before elections. Coincidence? I think not!Are these the kind of people we want leading our country, when the GOP provides a firm yet greasy hand that can be relied upon to always maintain the kind of achievable low standards a broken electorate has come to expect?"
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[Election Day 06
10 AM Update
Tuesday, November 7th, 2006]
9:46 AM First-- I think it's hilarious that Joe Lieberman, the NeoConn Senate candidate is accusing Democrat Ned Lamont of being a one issue candidate. Outside of the fact that that's horsehit, even if it is true- the one issue is the WAR. And no matter what Dick Cheney's favorite former Democrat says, it's a rather large issue. In fact it was the final issue in thousands of Americans' and tens of thousands of Iraqis lives'. By the way, those of you with TIVO should be able to freeze the action to catch Lieberman's tail as it swishes through the frame.

Next --MSNBC has pledged to cover the election s until the results come in! You don't see that kind of journalistic dedication too often these days. Not since ESPN covered the fourth quarter of last night's Seattle- Oakland game has an American broadcast organization shown that kind of follow through!

Is it just me or do all Republican advisors have their hair done in a wind tunnel at Jiffee Lube? These shiny headed fuckers are going to be the first to suffer when the oil companies crank gas post-election prices higher than Ted Haggard on his way home from cornholing Jimmy-Jeff Gannon Guckert's replacement receptacle on a cot in Karl Rove's office.

I think George Allen has been treated unfairly. The focus remains almost primarily on his overt racism and xenophobia. But what about his absolute lack of ethics, frat-boy intellect and dildoic cowboy style dress? And what of his sense of entitlement and smarmily transparent hatefulness. Dothese things count for nothing? Let's be fair people!

Barry Crimmins
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