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Hiding in Broad Daylight Friday, September 8, 2006

By Barry Crimmins


I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't heard it myself -- again and again and again. The littlest president and his echo chamber chorale of Deadeye Dick Cheney, Dundering Don Rumsfeld, NeoCondi Rice and numerous maniacs in Congress possessed of a deep faith in the healing powers of Diebold -- have started Nazi-baiting anyone not bull goose loony enough to avoid reading the writing on the tombstone of a cynical, obscene and LOST war.

Only Karl Rove could come up with something this boldly shameless and stupid. I mean if you had anything to do with this administration, why would you even reference an authoritarian state that stomps across the world flexing its military might while destroying civil liberties at home?

Talk about hiding in broad daylight! Bush and his cronies are like cockroaches that don't care when you turn the light on. Hey, we're eating in here!

Jr's black and white assertions are the result of the exact same myopia that caused him to attack and occupy Iraq in the first place. There are never more than two sides in any issue he tries to sell us. With us or agin us.  So of course he got his helmet handed to him in Iraq when he overthrew the strongman and blew the lid on Pandora's box to smithereens. Now tens of thousands of corpses later, he's still trying to sell it as a battle between good and evil. Nazis vs the Forces of Freedom. When in fact it's innocent people vs. the unleashed force of violence from every possible direction.

Last I checked Nazis massacred innocent people. So does Bush. Nazis invaded and occupied unoffending nations. So does Bush. Nazis hated labor unions and allowed corporate interests to operate unfettered by the rule of law. So does Bush. Nazis provoked brainless hatred of people because of their ethnic or religious backgrounds or sexual orientation. Bingo for Bush again. Nazis used fear as the central element in endless propaganda campaigns. Ditto for Dubya! Nazis claimed they were divinely destined to impose their will upon the rest of the world. Bush thinks god told him as much -- in private discussions. Nazis tortured people. How does that Abu Ghraib ya, Georgie? Nazis spied on their own people. And so does Bush. Nazis made constant demands to see citizens' papers. Thanks to Bush we have to get through x-rays, metal detectors and a dehumidifier before we can fly home to see grandma.

Now before anyone gets upset with me for  comparing this administration to the Third Reich, let me add, without equivocation. that Bush is a piker compared to Hitler when it comes to mass murder. But then Osama himself is a minor leaguer compared to Bush when you start tallying body counts.

But the point is this administration has made Nazis and fascism an issue, which is fine by me. Bush talks about how we can't appease our enemies. I agree, which is why we should all be standing up to him right now!

Bush's own grandfather was tight with the Third Reich, even after Pearl Harbor. Worse, Rove's grandfather designed death camps for the bastards.

And they're calling me a Nazi?  Or you a Nazi because we're not delusional enough to believe that this insane war is going to spread what Bush repeatedly refers to as "the flames of freedom?" Well I'll give him this much: flames are spreading alright, it's just that they have even less to do with freedom than Bush does with sanity.

updated: 15 years ago