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CrimQuips 1/25/04 Sunday, January 25, 2004

"We are seeking all the facts -- already the Kay Report identified dozens of weapons of mass destruction-related program activities and significant amounts of equipment that Iraq concealed from the United Nations." -- Court-appointed President George W. Bush last week in his State of the Union Address.

"That is correct." -- David Kay, the author of the aforementioned report when asked if he was saying that Iraq did not have any large stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, in a Reuters interview released just two days after Bush's SOTU speech.

"Yes, we believe he [Saddam Hussein] had them, (WMD) and yes we believe they will be foundWe believe the truth will come out." -- White House Chief Prevaricator Scott. McClellan continuing to maintain that up is down even though Bush's own handpicked inspection chief acknowledged there are no weapons to be found as he resigned his futile post.

'We believe the truth will come out?' My goodness, Scott, don't let Dick Cheney catch you saying stuff like that around the Oval Office! -- Barry Crimmins -- self-appointed thorn in the side of the court-appointed Bush administration.

Taking a page from Walmart's book, W had the Capitol's doors locked so that no one could walk out on his endless State of the Union Address last week.

Dennis Miller's new show debuts on CNBC on Monday and if all goes well, a slot on Bloomberg isn't out of the question.

Just what America needs: a smug quisling mugging above its stock quotes.

Pretty soon Miller will be doing shows in the exciting new smaller portion of the "picture in picture" format on a public access cable show near you.
To sell out that much and still end up on CNBC is just pitiful.

Bush's Mars exploration plans represent some serious foresight. One day this Iraq boondoggle will end and Halliburton will need something like a Mars mission for fleecing the taxpayer.

Of course it will take a lot of R&D dollars for Halliburton to determine how to bribe microbes on Mars.

W is pushing education as a campaign theme this year. OK, technically it's "re-education" for registered Democrats -- nevertheless he's pushing it.

Bush says he is eating beef and isn't vaguely concerned about the possibility of mad cow disease. Of course he isn't -- the disease attacks the brain.

Either they don't have the internet in Iowa or Howard Dean has a few problems.

Apparently Dean is strongest among people with multiple screen-names.

Dean's freakout of a speech on the night of the Iowa caucus was meant to inspire his younger supporters? How? By calling to mind the kind of person who gets the cops called to a rave?

I guess we shouldn't be surprised when a guy from Vermont demonstrates the ability to go downhill at a rapid rate of speed.

Doc Dean has a few days to turn his virtual candidacy back into a real one and if he can do it anywhere, New Hampshire would be the place. If he doesn't rebound he has brought many issues, many new voters and much untainted money into the mix and there is nothing wrong with any of that.

We have watched Bush commit one faux pas after the next without receiving anywhere near the scrutiny or analysis of Dean's Screech Heard 'round the World.

And by the way, Peter Jennings, Bush WAS a deserter during Nam. Jesus, don't you have Google at ABC?

John Kerry is looking better and better. Unlike Dean, he has never been quoted as saying "YEEEEAAGGH!" on CNN and unlike Clark he has never given the commencement address at the School of the America's (aka/ School of the Assassins) as did Clark in 1996.

And by the way, Kerry gives the Dems all the military credibility they ever need without any "general" baggage so Wesley Clark's supporters need to present some other credentials as to why their man is a more viable option than Kerry.

Dick Gephart - The Iowa Carcass

Jokes aside, let's hope Dick continues his efforts for workers by fighting the scourge of globalization.

Sure Kerry can bring out Green Berets he saved in Nam but you never hear about the several times Bush took the wheel when his guardsmen buddies were too hammered to drive. Yup, old W was the best damned shit-faced driver in his battalion but he'd never stoop to exploiting it for political purposes.

If they gave out purple hearts for hangovers, W would have been the most decorated soldier of the Vietnam era.


I think it's great that Iowa caucusers gave this race back to their fellow Democrats. It's even greater that they took it away from the foregone conclusions that were being peddled by pundits. Let's see how the Democratic aspirants do under growing pressure and then we'll have a good idea who will be able to withstand the heat this fall. For now I am pleased to see that the Capital Gang(ster) types don't seem to have much influence with rank and file Democrats.

That said, I will discard my own advice and make a prediction. Here goes: Speculation about Progress Radio will prove to be as inaccurate as most punditry has been concerning the Democratic field. One analyst after the next has prognosticated what the network will be about and then proceeded to demonstrate why such an endeavor is likely to fail. But not one of these analysts has come close to accurately foretelling what will soon be reaching the American radio dial. In the near future we will take to the air and suddenly there will be a paucity of straw men available for pundit immolation.

Too often we are subjected to commentary that is dominated by people telling us what is going to happen, instead of what is happening or has happened. Well if you don't know what's going on or what's gone on, you're not too likely to have an accurate vision of the future. We are working to build a network that will first and foremost get information to people so that they can draw their own conclusions.

Almost no mainstream commentators came close to foreseeing the Iraqi quagmire in the months of yammering leading up to the war. Millions of protesters foresaw the nightmare long before it unfolded. The new network will be a source of information and entertainment to the greatest people in the world -- the kind of people who would rather brave frigid weather to express their hopes and fears about the future rather wait for their opinions to be delivered by some electronic windbag, re-circulating the hot air of conventional wisdom.


Please take the time to click and read the following piece by David Vest --it exposes the court-appointed Bush Administration for being penny ante patriots concerning the wellbeing of the very soldiers it has sent into harm's way.

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