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Barry Crimmins

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political satirist Barry Crimmins

Barry Crimmins- Blues in the Key Of W Now Available! Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Political satirist Barry Crimmins' latest recording,  Blues in the Key Of W  - Crim@theTing 05-06-06 is now online and ready for sale. This recording is  from Barry and Slab Media and available via download because Barry is reticent to contribute to record labels' resarch and development of ever-smaller print.

A few of Barry's very prominent fellow comics have already heaped praise upon this incredibly timely and hilarious recording.

Patton Oswalt link, star of The Comedians and Comedy  and CBS's The King Of Queens reacted with enough blurbs to hold Barry over for the rest of his career but we couldn't wait to share them with you:

"It's depressing listening to such concise, hilarious, wicked and pissy  political brilliance from a man who will be too feeble for the labor camps in 2008."

"So I guess that whole, 'You mellow as you get older' chestnut was bullshit."

"I always have the same thought while I'm laughing my ass off at Crimmins --'I need to write more'"

"I like to play this album and Toby Keith's SHOCKIN' Y'ALL at the same time and let 'em fight it out..."
-- Patton Oswalt

And Louis C.K. link , star and creator of HBO's next big hit "Lucky Louie" offered this remarkable praise:

"I haven't laughed so hard at a comedy recording since Richard Pryor's first album. Seriously, Crimmins is a classic and we all know him but he still has the fast ball and then some.  I was startled by how funny this is.  This is a beautiful record. His ideas are original and meaningful, his jokes are deadly funny and his point of view is compelling. But more than that, he performs the hell out of the material. I listened to this in my car and I pounded the dashboard as I laughed. It's the kind of thing where you don't just laugh, you laugh as you say "Oh, man. Jesus that is good" as you laugh.  If he was a pitcher he'd be El Duque.  More arm angles than you could dream of.  I had NO idea where any joke was coming from.  The whole thing just knocked me right on my ass.  And I HATE comedy.

The worst president in the history of our country plus Barry's well honed passion and comedy equals something that EVERYONE has to hear.

When it comes to political comedy nobody touches Barry."
- Louis C.K.

Thanks, Patton and Louie!

What more do you need to hear -- other than Barry Crimmins- Blues in the Key of W?

Only $9.99

WARNING: This recording contains age appropriate language - appropriate for the age of Bush and Cheney.

To Purchase click this link !