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CrimQuips Corrections 11/27/02 Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Apologies and commentary by Barry Crimmins

Yesterday I wrote: Francoise Ducros, director of communications for Canada's Prime Minister Jean Chretien, said that Court-appointed President Bush is a "moron." Kasier Ashcroft is now furiously attempting to have Ducros extradited to the U.S. so that he can be tried for revealing American state secrets.

Several dozen alert readers have written to inform me that FrancoiseDucros is a woman and not a man. This makes perfect sense to me because there are few men in public service with the courage to state such obvious truth. In Francoise Ducros's case the obvious truth is that "George Bush is a moron." In my attempt to catch up on news I had missed while traveling I wasn't as thorough in my research as I should have been. I heard her referred to as if she were male on a radio report and didn't double-check the story because it was clear to me that she had her facts right. I apologize to Ms. Ducros and people with androgynous names everywhere. I hope my apology doesn't seem pat. (Maybe it's "Francoise" for women and Francois for men? I don't know but I'm sure I'll hear.)

As a result of the shockwaves that emanated from someone in public service making a truthful remark, Ms. Ducros has resigned from her job as Jane (just kidding!) Chretien's communications director. I can think of no better or wiser gesture than to make her Chairman of the Democratic Party. After all, she has already composed a pithy battle cry for '04: BUSH IS A MORON. Jodine Chase, a media advisor to the Alberta government, issued this summary when Francos first tendered her resignation (Jean Chretien accepted her second resignation ): "New! Chretien refuses resignation of his communications director and says there is no evidence Francoise Ducros used the word 'moron' to describe THAT IDIOT (my caps) George Bush."

When Ms.Chase (fool me once!) is forced to resign her post, I hope she is brought south, where the US media sorely needs to be advised that Bush is an IDIOT.

I have no plans to resign over this errant quip -- at least so far.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans. Be thankful you are elsewhere if this greeting doesn't apply to you.

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