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Barry Crimmins

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Quips & Comments 1-4-02 Friday, January 4, 2002

The Enron officers/thieves who declared the biggest bankruptcy in history should be forced to liquidate all of their possessions with proceeds going to a restitution fund for Enron employees and bilked shareholders. This means ALL possessions -- including the Court-appointed Bush Administration.

Imagine if Bill Clinton had been a tool of scandalous Enron, like W is. Republicans would have taken to cranking air raid alarms on the floor of the House and Senate.

Let's hope failed energy concern Enron shocks the USA from its slumber about the stranglehold corrupt corporations have on this country via Dubyahoo and his people.

Texas has deregulated its power industry. The promised lower energy prices can't come a minute too soon for all the Texans who used to work for bankrupt Enron, the corporate champion of power deregulation.

After seeing what deregulation did for California, Texas legislators weren't about to delay reaping that same bonanza for their constituents.

Or should that be: reaping that same bonanza from their constituents?

Details of the late Dick Cheney's (you got a better explanation?) fabled energy policy meeting of last year are trickling out. One of the alternative energy developments that was discussed was a stock certificate-burning stove-- an invention of his good pal Enron Chairman Kenneth L. Lay.

It works great with Lucent and dot-com stocks, too!

In the works is a stock certificate-burning barrel for homeless victims of Enron's chicanery.

Now if they could just develop an inexpensive automobile that would run on useless pension plans.

It should be a big car-- big enough for elderly couples to sleep in.

After all the Red, White and Blue that was displayed over the holidays, everyone should put up a Santa Claus, manger or Menorah next Fourth of July.

A breakthrough in pig cloning could aid organ transplants. Let's give credit where credit's due -- who knows if this could have happened without all the pig clones running around the White House these days?

Jerry Falwell, outraged about a Newsweek report of Democratic plans to draw parallels between extreme reactionary Islamic fundamentalists and extreme reactionary Christian fundamentalists, responded by indignantly stating "I am not the Taliban." In a surprising show of support the Taliban denied any connection to Falwell saying, "We're pretty screwed up but we do have some standards."

In response to the growing strife between Pakistan and India, Court-appointed President Bush has okayed the sale of high-speed supercomputers, used only for code decryption and nuclear-weapons development, to the two nations. Previously Jr. had seemed impervious to the hostilities but now that he has singlehandedly cleared the path for more efficient nuclear destruction by these bitter enemies, it can't be said that he's asleep at the switch.

Who cares what happens waaaay over there anyway? It's not as if India and Pakistan have any strategic significance these days.

Next I suppose the liberals will be calling for US officials to learn the languages spoken in India and Pakistan.

Demonstrating that turnabout is fair play, the White House has taken control of the Republican National Committee.

What we have to be concerned with is that day in the near future when reorganized Enron takes full control of the White House.

Impeach Ken Lay!

How long before John Stossel, ABC's corporate apologist in journalist drag, does a special about how insider trading that resulted in outright robbery of employees and stockholders at Enron was actually good for the country?

Stossel has a special talent that's taken him to the top of corporate journalism. He's not just a gifted liar, he's skilled at telling those lies in such an impatient and condescending manner that the average lemming will immediately abandon all reason to embrace the prevarication.

Happy New Year!