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Barry Crimmins

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Quips & Comments 11-13-2001 Tuesday, November 13, 2001

"When something like that happens, you feel helpless. I had to fix that," said Kirk Evans, who joined the Army after the Sept. 11 attacks. Now Evans gets to feel helpless upon the command of others.

Don't you feel safer with the National Guard patrolling airports? What better feeling than knowing there will always be heavily armed people, who weren't smart enough to get out of the army when they had a chance, protecting us?

How can anyone be so anti-American as to continue to point out that George W. Bush was not the real winner of the 2000 election at a time when we are fighting to keep democracy alive?

It's interesting that Court-appointed President Bush is negotiating the implementation of his Star Wars package with Vladimir Putin when he hasn't even done the same with Congress.

If we want a voice in this Star Wars deal, we should start voting in Russian elections.

I'm tired of hearing Major League Baseball tell us that Montreal is a "small market." That's ridiculous. Montreal is a huge market -- it's just a small market for baseball. So is Paris.

In it's continuing humanitarian efforts the US is dropping cluster bombs that are approximately the same size and yellow shade as the food packages they have been dropping. So if starving Afghan children run toward something yellow that's falling from the sky, their hunger will be eradicated -- one way or another.

Veteran's Day was celebrated in traditional fashion on Monday. As vets from earlier wars wandered America, many of them homeless and hungry, our nation demonstrated its patriotism by blindly supporting the creation of future generations of forgotten vets.

How many people who flew the ubiquitous Gulf War yellow ribbons, have spent even one moment informing themselves about the plight of the veterans ill with "Gulf War Syndrome?"

The problem is this country only "Supports Our Troops" until they come home from war. After that they are on their own.

War Criminal emeritus Henry Kissinger is featured sliding into home at Yankee Stadium as part of a whimsical ad campaign meant to bring tourists back to New York. The last time Kissinger was involved with a big stadium it was in Chile and an awful lot of Salvador Allende's supporters turned up missing.

I guess Kissinger's presence in the ads is an indication that New York isn't interested in attracting tourists from Cambodia, Vietnam and Chile.

Argenbright Security, the nation's largest airport security company, has a new chief executive today and will overhaul its management and policies. It plans to weed out employees with criminal records. Those weeded out will be transferred to the bookkeeping department to help cover up how much the company has profiteered by underpaying and under-training employees who are then expected to protect the world for six bucks an hour.

American dissidents are finally being heard by their government. Who says wiretaps are such a bad thing?