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His Supreme Accuracy Monday, January 7, 2008

His Supreme Accuracy

Al Giordano

To appreciate just how far ahead of the field, The Field's Al Giordano is, you have to go back and read his analysis of the current presidential race that he wrote for the Boston Phoenix approximately fifteen weeks ago. It's amazingly on the money, and I mean that in every sense of the word.

If you clean up with your bookmaker as a result of Al's remarkable ability to call political races, you really should make a donation to the Fund For Authentic Journalism. It finances Al's work and that of a bevy of young journalists he has trained. Hell, even if you aren't a gambler, you should make an investment in Al's authentic journalism (providing you have a few drachmas to spare). It 's exactly the kind of non-corporate reporting  so many of us claim we want.

Sending a few bucks to the good folks at the grassroots org from which the Field has sprung, wouldn't be such a bad idea either.  

Normally I'd be tied up with NH Primary conjecture at this point but His Supreme Accuracy has already spoken about the D's and even the R's. Since it's just a matter of waiting for the people of the Granite State to again confirm Al's prescience, what better time for this brief fundraising pitch?

Now back to our regularly scheduled sarcasm.