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And That Was That Friday, June 15, 2007

And That Was That
Thanks to indy journalist Chuck U of WMFO at Tufts University, whose Free Of Form Radio program can be heard Fridays at 8 PM Eastern time, for recordinging and uploading my final performance at Jmmy Tingle's Off Broadway Theater so my buddy Scooter at KPFT in Houston could devote his Inner Side radio program to my swan song to the Boston faithful. The Innerside plays at various times on various stations throughout the nation so check Scooter's websites for those details.

It's available ifor your listening pleasure and/or outrage in several versions:
To listen to it stream simply click here

or if you want to download it just zap this link

Or for pod people (and you know who -- and presumbly what--you are)
this is your spot

Thanks to Chuck and Scooter for all their fine work. Check them out every week and follow their exploits on the web. I promise to continue to conspire and collaborate with them for as long as they'll have me.

Finally, I have been extremely busy with honest manual labor on the beautiful grounds of Lloyd's Landing but have a slew of stuff ready to post over the next week or so so please keep checking in and please do send your cronies my way.


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