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Barry Crimmins

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political satirist Barry Crimmins

The Christmas Coup Continues! Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Christmas Coup Continues

Take cover! The Christmas Comedy Coup Players have seized the airwaves!

At 2PM EDT today (well actually sometime between 2 & 3) I will be appearing on the Christmas Coup Comedy Players WBAI 99.5 FM NY. Or if you see this later, you can hear it via podcast. Now how much easier can I make it for you people? So tune in for some great political satire.

In other news... the Boston Phoenix piece is done and I think it's something you'll enjoy. Watch for it next week. My contribution to the CCCP will be done in a few hours and so by tomorrow I'll be concentrating on Words To Live Near -- the extremely witty title of this new blog.