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Pursuing Art Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pursuing Art

It is Mawthra!

I swear I invest as much time finding graphics to accompany what I write as I spend doing the actual writing.

Yesterday was a classic example. I wanted a picture of dogs and kids hiking a trail or just walking through countryside. Sounds easy enough, doesn't it? Well it isn't. I spent two hours trying to find such a photo and failed miserably. Oh there were plenty of pictures of dogs and kids but the kids were really young and nobody was walking anywhere. If and when dogs and kids were on a trail, there was always an adult hovering above them, inevitably wearing some sort of ridiculous backpack, a bandolier of water bottles and as often as not, a helmet.

I understand children need supervision but search google images for anything about kids and look at all the looming adults, fretting over hydration and head trauma. Can youngsters be allowed enough space to appear in one photo without some apprehensive parent ruining the light? All I wanted was a carefree shot of kids romping through a meadow with a mutt or two. No luck.

I probably was more annoyed with the art hassle because I have been using a lot of my own pictures lately and so haven't been forced to search for the right images. I am no photographer but in the digital age, who cares? I can shoot and shoot and shoot until I get lucky. Mostly I photograph Lloyd but there are lots of great subjects around here. Karen, for one, but she is insane and hates having her picture taken. I generally respect her wishes but I'm working on her.

Nature is always in good supply around here. There are our gardens, the forest and wildlife. There are big vistas and tiny  miracles begging to be captured.

Since it's August and life's short and summer's shorter, I figured I'd share some of the beauty that surrounds us up here in the Endless Mountains. Rather than spend two hours searching for just the right photo on the net, why not spend that same time wandering outside seeking something I know you won't find elsewhere?

In fact, I'll start adding more pictures to this site and if you like,  take them as my gift for all but commercial use. I'll start with an amazing moth: this baby had a twelve-inch wingspan and feathered antennae. If you can identify it for me, please write.

I'll also include some pictures of the late summer flowers that overflow from our gardens.

You came for angry political commentary  admit it,  this a nice change of pace. Our lives are like cellophane in a bonfire. Why not play a little August hooky?

Speaking of which, I can't believe how early they make kids return to school these days. Anything before the day after Labor Day would have required a massive manhunt to bring me in.

OK, that's enough meandering, even for a late summer day.

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