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political satirist Barry Crimmins

Gravity Law Enforcement Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gravity Law Enforcement
There are some major tech problems with this site that are beyond my control to fix. So I just have to sit and wait for more advanced minds to rescue me.

Many pages have missing graphics and screwed up links. The remembrance of Lloyd I always keep on the home page is missing a photo. HTML code is appearing where it should be invisibly doing its duty of making things look shiny and functional. So it's a nightmare and all I can do is try to be as reasonable as possible towards the kind, decent and talented people responsible for keeping this site online. I never was one to scream at the server in a nightclub when a tray got dropped while I was on stage. The law of gravity isn't suspended just because I'm speaking into a microphone.

So I hope they get stuff straightened out. In the meantime, fabled scribe Harlan Ellison is unhappy with the WGA deal.

He's also sick of enormous concerns demanding something for nothing from talent. And he's really tired of desperate pukes who give everything away just to get their feet into doors. I couldn't agree more And I've agreed for a long time!
(Note: The above link is a prime example of one of the screwed up pages on this site. Alas.)

Anyway, here's Harlan.