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Barry Crimmins

words to live near


political satirist Barry Crimmins

Today's Monolithic Headlines Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Todays Monolithic Headlines

Lift lid, insert credibility, flush!

Senator Dumperhumper's two month stall ends

Did Craig Pull Potty Train?

Bipartisan support for Sanctity of Men's Rooms initiative

R's insist: Working with Dems doesn't make us "Bi"

Maximum stance widths to be set

Legit wide stancers demand handicapped access

Reform includes mandatory pre-john urine testing

DNA data base of all restroom discharges next?

Administration promises exhaustive restroom study

Rove rumored to return as Men's Room Czar

Motion monitors retooled to detect erections

National Guard to patrol facilities until reforms enacted

GOP's sorry state: From White House to outhouse

Shithouse rats: And they call us crazy!

Idaho, Larry? No, U da ho.

Air marshals drove stall threat into terminals

Butch Craig proclaims: I do not blow guys in men's rooms!

Craig's wife: Neither do I!

Warrantless wiretaps of all graffiti'ed numbers OK'ed

Larry took one for team, butt where?

Craig to confab w base at torchlight gathering

Larry's favorite cake? Urinal!

GOP considers quotas to bolster straight membership