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Barry Crimmins

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political satirist Barry Crimmins

Glazed Dog Nuts Saturday, February 2, 2008

Glazed Dog Nuts
It was raining skating rinks here yesterday. The bare ground was first frosted, and then glazed, before finally ending up encased in a good inch of ice. Then it snowed. Then the wind picked up and many branches came down.

So I spent a lot of today cleaning up a rather beautiful mess. I'm pretty worn out and so I'm just going to post a few photos and hope they keep you entertained until I have something more to offer. They're from yesterday and today and include Lu in her safety coat, Lettie lurking behind a hay bale, Lu followed by Lettie on ice and a very soggy Lu. Plus an icy vista from yesterday and the frozen road. It's been extremely overcast so these photos are pretty accurate.

updated: 15 years ago