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Barry Crimmins

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political satirist Barry Crimmins

It was inevitable Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tell me you haven't been expecting this:

And now, a few orphaned thoughts in need of a good home...

Elliot Spitzer spoke very briefly when resigning as New York governor but still managed to make a classic 'tripped up my own incredibly high standards' political exit. Yeah, Elliot you were done in by your own greatness.... if greatness is a combination of hypocrisy, arrogance, selfishness and professionally suicidal behavior.

Even in the midst of what should have been an apology, he managed to scold the rest of us about maintaining the high standards he demands. That's chutzpah with a capital 'HOOT.'

Many have speculated that Spitzer delayed his resignation to gain leverage so he could make a deal with prosecutors. Exactly what kind of deal he was making is unclear.  Was he going to offer to testify against a higher-up? Does he have a bigger governor to turn in?

They're now saying he spent $80 thousand for hookers. Say this much for Spitzer -- he's certainly paid for his sins.

He says he's working to regain his family's trust? How about its trust fund?

Speaking of money, James Wolcott was right on it when he assailed compassionately bankrupt busybodies, happy to articulate exactly how Silda Spitzer should deal with this incredibly difficult situation

....maybe the reason Silda was "looking stricken" was because she was stricken, and it's awfully easy for moralizing busybodies to decide that a mother of three has "nothing to fear in leaving." No outsider truly knows what goes on in the inside of a marriage, and it's arrogant and pointless to prescribe a course of action to a stranger, even if that stranger is prominent in the news.

According to Geraldine Ferraro, if Barack Obama were a white man, he wouldn't be in this position. I agree. Very few white man have been in  a situation where they have to deal with assaults by loopy old racists.

Ferraro may be reentering politics and if she does, she'll own Howard Beach.

It is suspicious how every time some Clinton surrogate sends the Stars and Bars up the flagpole, Obama popularity increases among African-Americans.

I'm guessing if Obama were white and his white opponent's proxies were  behaving like rhetorical night-riders that he'd still pick up popularity among blacks.

Gas prices are so high  that NASCAR drivers are now carpooling during races.
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