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Hop in and Shuddup! Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hop in and Shuddup

Sit up front, Billy, so you can see the shiny new dashboard!

Saturday 7-28-07

You kids cut it out back there or I'll stop this station wagon and make sure you're quiet! And don't tell me you're bored when there's plenty to keep you occupied.

For instance: I'll help say goodbye and hello to Rocky Sullivan's on Radio Free Eireann with John McDonagh and Sandy Boyer available via WBAI's stream. The original Rocky's has been driven from its midtown Manhattan location by an avaricious landlord but never fear, it's resurfaced across the water in Brooklyn's Red Hook. I'll discuss the Satire For Sanity shows we did at the legendary tavern. Also expected to be in audio attendance: Rocky's owner and the man who brings the story-telling to Seanachi and the Unity squad, Chris Byrne. Noted maniac, human rights activist and political impressionist extraoridinaire Randy Credico will be on handalong with anyone named McCourt they can drag into the studio. After the show all will repair to Rocky's original location on Lexington Avenue between 28th and 29th in NYC for a proper Irish wake.

Next: old pal and Narco News Al Giordano founder chimes in with some very interesting analysis of this week's Obama/Clinton dust-up. It concerns Clinton's adherence to the American policy of geopolitical arrogance that's led us to our current sorry state . Obama's decision to eschew the ostrich approach may indicate that some candidates other than Kucinich and Gravel have actually begun to listen to the the will of the people. Pew research.

One more thing about this issue-- I'm sick of hearing pols and pundits refer to Hugo Chavez as a dictator. He is the democratically elected leader of Venezuela. There are a lot more poor people than rich people in Venezuela. Chavez runs a government that's responsive to the needs of the poor. This makes him wildly popular with the majority of Venezuelans, whose lives have improved greatly since he's been in power. The squawks you hear emanate from a ruling class that is no longer ruling. Boo- hoo!

Heading back to el norte... Using only a razor sharp wit, Tom Duffy fillets and grills the corpse of the moribund McCain campaign in The Garlic.

No round-up of recent web wonders would be complete without Red State Son Dennis Perrin, who gets to the heartlessness of the matter when he skips right past impeachment and suggests that war crime trials are the best way to deal with Bush-Cheney. Can I get an "amen" out of you heathens!

And finally: Scooter serves up a heaping hunk of American Pie on this week's Innerside. Available via stream or download or podcast. We never had it that easy when I was a kid!

Now I don't want to hear a peep outta ya until we get to the campground.