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Dirt from the last ditch Friday, January 25, 2008

Dirt from the last ditch

Bill Clinton makes a final appeal in South Carolina

I'm busy working on a new book: 22 Cliches I Wouldn't Have To Hear If Mitch Albom Was in Hell Where He Belongs. The mawkish Albom gained note for  turning some guy named Morrie into the William Casey of the Detroit newspaper strike. (and if you don't get it, just move along with the knowledge that Mitch Albom is a lightweight, unprincipled, schlock-peddling phony.)

Anyway, I'm still feeling poorly but promise that soon, on this very blog, I will go into more details on the WGA strike. This means I will be dumping a few acres of dirt on some very deserving cult of personality luminaries.

In the meantime, this message from Bill Clinton.

updated: 15 years ago