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Barry Crimmins

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political satirist Barry Crimmins

Upcoming Presidential Debate Schedule Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Upcoming Presidential Debate Schedule

The National Association of Manufacturers Bagman Debates
Democrats: Oct 12
Indianapolis, Indiana
Republicans: Oct 11, 13,14 16, 19, 21, 25, 30
various undisclosed locations


The Limousine Liberal Condo-flipper Democratic Debate
October 17, 2007
Grand Hall Center of Conspicuous Consumption
1A Park Avenue NY, NY
NOTE: Black Tie please


League of Nonpartisan Republican Born Agains GOP Debate

Oct 20, 2007
Where: Death to Islamofascists Christian Ministry Pavilion
Anal Roberts University
Scrotum Neck,. Al.

Subject: Abortion doctors: death penalty or life imprisonment?


The Republican Skinhead Debate (in cooperation with the National Association of Prison Guards)
Where: The field them good lynchin' trees is near Earl's place
Upper Uncle Dad, Montana
When: Next full moon

Note: Original moderator Larry Craig will be replaced by the Reverend Fred Phelps


Essence Token Gesture Democratic Debate
Nov 4, 2007
New Orleans, La (providing we can find a structurally sound venue)


League of Liberal Electronic Activists
Nov 19, 2007
Where: H8_W_43's parent's basement
When: Next time they go out to dinner

NOTE: No disagreements between Democrats will be permitted at this debate

League of Women Voters: Hey what happened to us Democratic, Republican or anyone who will have us debate
When: How soon can you get here?
Where: Or we could come over there, come on, we have fried cakes and cider!


The Amalgamated Brotherhood of Union Lip-servicers Democratic Debate
Nov 19, 2007
On a curb somewhere in Detroit
Moderator: Al Fresco


The Huffpo Democratic Debate
Nov 24 2007
The Old Plantation Auction Block
Indentured, Mississippi
Moderator: Arianna Huffington
Note: No Paid Media will be issued credentials


April 23, 2008
The NAACP Republican Debate
Cancelled: due to scheduling conflict
news 445


May 11, 2008

The NOW Republican Debate
Cancelled due to scheduling conflict


June 2, 2008

Grand Old Poofters Log Cabin Club Debate
Main Mezzanine Level Men's Rest Facility
Union Station
Washington, D.C.

Note: Debate will be conducted entirely in hand signals and toe taps