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Antiwar, with a bullet Saturday, June 28, 2008

Antiwar with a bullet
Dennis Perrin's new book, Savage Mules: The Democrats and Endless War, has been on sale for only two days and it's already hit the Amazon charts! Last I checked, it was at #8 in "books about political parties." Mules is a great resource for Obama supporters who'd like to understand just how much history you're hoping your candidate will buck. Best of all, for a mere $10.17 (about what you'd spend on fuel to make a roundtrip to the gas station) you can help Dennis overtake a few reactionary trolls who want nothing more than for me to mention their names. Like that's going to happen!

Speaking of excellent reading, James Wolcott meditates on the deification of St. Tim while clearing up any canonical confusion we may have concerning Sally Quinn's First Communion.

UPDATE: Of course if you find Amazon a reprehensible company go buy Savage Mules at your local bookseller or some other online outlet. I just found it at Overstock.com for only $9.15. And A1 Books has it for $7.72
Powell's is still listing it as a preorder, at list price.

updated: 14 years ago