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At long last, WTF! Monday, January 20, 2014

At long last WTF
Last June my friend, white-hot comic Marc Maron, came to Buffalo to astonish the Helium Comedy Club  with his brilliant stream-of-consciousness, comedy tightrope act.

While he was in town, I took a drive up there and  really enjoyed watching him courageously lay open his soul on the stage, figuring himself out live and in person He's brainy unflinching, and gutsy. And funny as hell.  

While in Buffalo, we finally recorded an episode of his outstanding WTF podcast. He's a genius interviewer and created an opportunity for me to spend the better part of the hour talking about things I had no plans to discuss. The response has been beyond gratifying. I can't thank Marc enough. If you're among the few who haven't become regular listeners to his podcast, you can find it here.

In other news....

Sorry for my long absence. My leg was broken in a car accident in October. I'm just about OK. If you really want to keep up with me ,I tweet pretty regularly on Twitter @crimmins and/or you can friend or follow"Barry Crimmins" on Facebook.

Many big things coming this year and I mean BIG. Without question the Maron podcast contributed mightily to this major uptick in my career. So thanks  again and very much, Marc.

As things develop, I'll keep you posted here but you'll probably learn what's happening sooner on the dreaded social media.  Happy New Year.
Love to all, Barry

updated: 9 years ago