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Barry Crimmins

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Friday FNX, Vanity Fair links Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday FNX Vanity Fair links

James Wolcott's familiar Vanity Fair blog logo above--Henry Santoro. too handsome for radio, below

Friday was a big day around here. It started with an appearance on 3-2-1 Henry, with old friend Henry Santoro and his Breakfast Show cohorts Keith and Fletcher on WFNX 101.1 FM in Boston. You can download the podcast of our quick countdown of the week's top stories here.

If that wasn't enough attention for one day, Vanity Fair contributing editor James Wolcott generously redirected his massive readership to my Words to Live Near blog posts about my recent encounters with our nation's for-profit-not-people health care rackets.

So while you click your way to the FNX and Vanity Fair sites, I have some thank you notes to write.
crimmins 9125

UPDATE: I've been meaning to inform you that I can be found on twitter @crimmins. I'm also on Facebook under my name. Please 'follow' and 'friend' away! You might pick up a little more activity from me, plus I have lots of hipster friends so you'll fit right in!