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Barry Crimmins

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With Pith Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The short version of yesterday's much too long post  goes as follows:
Once I found my voice and spoke up for myself, many of you heard me and helped in a variety of very significant ways. This resulted in a great improvement in attitude and health for me. Thanks so much, all of you!

I might be the canary in the American healthcare mineshaft but the fumes are lethal to everyone. Single-payer care now!

My inner-37 year-old is back and screaming for justice. He's in for the duration, just on a better diet! Here again is the YouTube of me as an ancient antiwarrior, courtesy of Ed Robinson.

PS- Here is a TV show that included a small slice of  the 1990 speech from another angle. Check to see who applauds at the end. Thanks for posting, dear pal Mike Donovan!