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Kos vs Koz Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kos vs Koz
Update time. Markos of the Daily Kos has thrown his estimable weight behind Al Giordano in his fight for his rightful credentials at the Denver Dem confab. Kozikowski operatives are trying to set backfires in an attempt to demean Giordano for making her emails public. Yeah, do the courteous thing and let her get away with countermanding the will of the people who donated the money and put the Field on the map, by leaving the whole thing in the back room, where it belongs.

Kozikowski also sent an email to Fieldhand ClareOn in which she exposed the rationale it took the  prison farm warden nearly a month to germinate. Clare was kind enough to pass it on in the comments section of a previous post.

In it, Ms K explains that Al was like a normal employee at a normal publication and when he left (due to threats and censorship) the credential he earned by attracting tens of thousands of people to her perviously unknown website, his pass to go to the convention rightfully belonged to her. This is the equivalent of  a baseball team winning its division in the regular season by several games only to have the owner get mad at the manager and players for playing the wrong style of baseball. And so the owner makes life miserable for the skipper and his charges and forces them to leave. The owner then hires a scab team that sucks and yet she can't believe that the league and the TV networks are balking at letting this fake team play in the real playoffs.

She also said that Giordano strayed too far from Rural Votes service to country folks. Like hell. By writing about the fifty-state strategy again and again, Al did more to represent the cause of us country bumpkins than Ms Kozikowki's organization ever has. As I've said before-- RV is very much like the DLC. A bunch of insiders decided to announce that they are leading a group of people who have no idea who these  self-appointed people are and certainly never selected them to represent them. RV looks to me to be nothing more than a front for a bunch of party careerists who in search of a pretense to get some gravy funneled their way. When anyone asks why, they hide behind their alleged constituents even though those folks have no idea RV even exists.

So the Dems need to do the right thing, and soon because RV has blown out like a bad retread on an 18 wheeler and the other 17 tires are starting to shimmy badly. They don't need is to have this unregistered vehicle, overloaded with undemocratic contraband, slamming into a crowd of erstwhile conventioneers in Denver.

Something has to give soon-- it appears more people have signed the petition calling for the Dems to give Al his proper credentials than have visited RV's barren website in a week.

Giordano will also be traveling to Austin in July to host a Netroots Nation forum on New Orleans and community organizing.


Despite a dearth of commercial support,Dennis Perrin's Savage Mules remains in the top ten for books about political parties on Amazon. It is selling briskly elsewhere as well, which is good news because I am not particularly enamored with the corporate goons at the aforementioned megasite. I am enamored with Perrin's sizzling reminder that only suckers "add Democrats and wait for miracles." Politicians need watching and must be held accountable. Perrin does just that with his surprise hit. It's competing with a few reasonable offerings but mostly the category is filled with overhyped  reactionary pap that shall not be mentioned here. (I'll know we are making progress when they start writing "how to" guides for arguing with leftists as opposed to liberals) Because of the extremely tilted playing field, it's impressive that Dennis has remained with the pack for an entire week now. The only bad thing is that his name is even remotely associated with most of the riffraff on that list. If you haven't bought Mules yet, get one out of the book stable of your choice and take it for a brisk summer ride.


More on Zorro Tolerance.... Randy Credico's press agent  isworking overtime! Nice mentions here and here and then one more here. Fight the power!

Overused word of the week: Kerfuffle. Apparently legislation has been pushed through that mandates using it whenever mentioning Wesley Clark. I have been saying worse than what Clark said about McCain for years now. How I avoided having "kerfuffle" attached to my name is beyond me.

At its current pace, "kerfuffle" will overtake "bloviate' by Tuesday evening, making it eligible for the overused word of the decade competition.
More of your pictures this weekend as well as some thoughts on patriotism. Stay tuned!

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