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Barry Crimmins

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free* (!!) Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The album of the year has been released and you can get it for free*, which is also the name of the recording.

The artist? Jim's Big Ego. free* contains the antislavery anthem of the new millennium, International. Download it, learn it , sing along and teach it to others.

This album is an absolute knockout. If you like my work, you're almost guaranteed to love this masterpiece that is the fifth release by JBE, Jim Infantino's incredibly rocking trio, featuring Infantino on guitar and vocals along with percussionist Dan Cantor and bassist Jesse Flack (who both also help with the singing). Numerous guests (including old friend Catie Curtis (on International) join in on the magnificence.

For a limited time you can download a low bandwith version of the album for free but trust me and cough up the $10 for a proper download and show your solidarity with these brilliantly subversive musicians. It's one investment you can make this week that's sure to pay dividends.

Infantino, Cantor and Flack are amazing in person and greater Bostonians have two chances to see them this weekend at back-to-back release parties for free*. On Friday the party is at:
8 pm
The Lizard Lounge
1667 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA  (tickets)
21   please

On Saturday it's all ages fun at the legendary Passim at 7 pm
47 Palmer Street
Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA
Reservations: 617.492.7679

NOTE: Tickets for Jim Big Ego's free* CD release parties are not gratis.

*with purchase!